VR-10 access router increases the power of the network and optimizes branch services on a single platform, without failing of connectivity and helps in gaining a superior user experience. VR-10 is a new innovative device which provides business continuity and WAN diversity on multiple WAN links as well as mobile networks. It allows user to access critical applications without any outage. It transforms your network edge to deliver high-performance, highly secure, and reliable services to unite campus, data center, and branch networks.It helps data carriers and service providers to avail redundant services to users where data outages are common. It helps carriers to provide customize mobile plans for data connectivity to corporate. Its advance features like tunneling, encapsulation helps VR-10 in peering with any other standard routing product.It delivers bunch of security features for banking and ATM which enables a strong protected connectivity to branch offices where data security is a big challenge. It also delivers high availability and performance.

VR-10 follows an IEEE 802.1q standard which supports more than 4000 native vlan support. It helps in connecting any commercial electronic device which supports the same standards.  Its UPnP feature permits printers, apple devices, PCs and other UPnP enabled devices to discover each other’s presence.


  • Five WAN FE Ports
  • IP Fast Forwarding
  • Bridge Support
  • Fast Switching
  • LED status


  • Access List (ACL)
  • Day/Night Restriction
  • Filters

Advance Firewall Features

  • Network Address translation (NAT)
  • State full packet Inspection (SPI)
  • TCP Fragmentation


  • Failover redundancy
  • VRRP

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